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Top 30 Must-Read Books for Computer Science Engineering-Scikeeda Guide

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Here I am providing you some important EBOOKS of reference books, useful in Computer Engineering and Information Technology Course.

Computers were introduced in the early 19th century, and a lot of changes have taken place since then to become the now computers.
They are super brains in today’s world that are basically programmed devices that are electronically driven and can be store a lot of data and can also retrieve then when required.
Computer science student should know how computers work and how they are programmed efficiently.
To become a good Computer science engineer one should learn the subject very carefully.And one can become a good computer engineer simply by reading the various networking and programming books carefully and applying the theories practically.
Here is a list some of the best books for computer science engineering that will definitely help the students to learn and know the subject in a much better way and to have a clarity and grip on the overall subject.

1.  Advanced Computer Arcitecture
     (Author: Kai Hwang)

2. Introduction To Algorithms
    (Author: Coremen)

3.  Data Communications and Networking
     (Author: Behrouz A. Forouzan)

4.  Database System Concepts
      (Author: S. Korth)

5.  Discrete Mathematics and its Applications
     (Author:  Kenneth H. Rosen)

6.  Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques
     (Author: Manish Goyal)

7.  Operating System Concepts- 7th edition
     (Author:  Siberschatz Galvin)

8.  Computer Networks
     (Author: Andrew Tanenbaum)

9.   Artificial Intelligence
     (Author:  Elaine Rich, Kevin Knight)

10.  Let Us C- 5th edition
      (Author: Yashwant P. Kanetkar)
11.   Professional Multicore Programming: Design and Implementation for C++ Developers
      (Author:  Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes)  Wrox Publications

12.  Object Oriented Programming in C++- Fourth Edition
     (Author:  Robert Lafore)

13.  The Complete Reference- C++  Third Edition
     (Author: Herbert Schildt)

14.  A Programmers Introduction to Visual Basic.NET
     (Author:  Craig Utley)

15.  Asp.NET Web Developer's Guide
     (Author:  Mesbah Ahmed)

16.  Test Your C Skills- Question Answers
     (BPB Publications)

17.  C# from JAVA
     (Author:  Rob Miles) Department of Computer Science, University of Hull

18.  Database Management Systems- second edition
     (Author:  Raghu Ramkrishnan)

19.  ASP.NET MVC in Action
     (Author:  Jefferey Pallermo)

20. Pro Dynamic .Net 4.0 Applications
      (Author: Carl Ganz)
21.   Computer Graphics- C Version
      (Author:  Donald Hern, M. Pauline Baker)

22. Compilers- Principles, Techniques and Tools
     (Author: Ullman)

23.  Data Structures and Program Design in C++
     (Author: Robert Kruse)

24. Software Engineering(A Practitioner's Approach)
    (Author: Roger Pressman)

25.  Algorithmics Theory and Practice
     (Author:  Gilles Brassard)

26.  Analysis of Algorithms- An active learning approach
     (Author:  Jefferey J. McConnell)

27.  Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing
     (Author:  Hesham EL-Revini)

28.  Modern Information Retrieval
     (Author:  Yates-Neto)

29.  An Introduction to Information Retrieval
     (Author: Online Edition Cambridge UP)

30.  Mining the Web- discovering Knowledge from Hypertext data
       (Author:  Soumen Chakrabarti)
  1. eatures of the book
    • This book contains extensive knowledge about Artificial intelligence
    • A detailed description of the different techniques and theories are beautifully mentioned in this book
    • This book is ideal for the readers of all the levels.
Computer science engineering students need to have a sound knowledge of the subject. The above-mentioned books are the few of the best books for computer science engineering. The students will be highly benefitted from these books.
Apart from the bookish knowledge about the subjects, the students should also have some knowledge about the practical world.
The syllabus oriented books will only help to fetch good marks in the examinations but these books will not only help in the examination purposes but will also help in knowing about how things are done in the practical world.

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